I am open to anyone who is interested in working with me given my therapeutic orientation and my personal background, and I look forward to hearing from you!

Target Group

My target group is young adults (18-29 years), adults, and the elderly.

I also offer home visits in Vienna for the elderly.


The usual frequency of therapy sessions is once a week, but this can be increased to twice a week as needed.


A therapy session lasts 50 minutes. The duration of therapy can be agreed upon at the beginning, but it usually depends on the therapeutic cooperation.

Since I offer an analytical therapy approach in which holistic personality development processes are sought, a longer duration of therapy is usual.


I offer the sessions while sitting.

First meeting

After you contact me, we will make an appointment by email or by phone. In a first meeting we will find out if you and I want to enter into a therapeutic relationship with each other. If so, then the further details will be discussed in this conversation.

Appointments / Cancellation

Appointments are scheduled in advance. Cancellation of an appointment must take place at least 24 hours before the agreed upon date. Otherwise clients will be charged the costs of the psychotherapeutic session.


Als Psychotherapeutin in Ausbildung unter Supervision biete ich eine Psychotherapiestunde um 60 EUR an. Das Kennenlerngespräch kostet ebenfalls 60 EUR.

"Every action is understandable as a design of oneself for a possible outcome."

– Sartre 1962, p. 797